Looking into Tarot (cont)

by on April 29th, 2010
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Here’s another way to work with the cards: when you’ve finished a reading for yourself, don’t put them away. Instead, set them out somewhere that your eye will fall on them from time to time, perhaps on your desk, or beside your bed, or in a place you’ve set aside for this kind of thing. You will continue to perceive them, in what is perhaps a more potent fashion, indirectly. The images will inform your unconscious mind, bypassing the intermediary of consciousness. Your mind responds to coherence even when it can’t identify it, and this coherence gradually leads to a more explicit expression of itself in the form of intuition. Perceiving the cards subliminally also changes the background of our experience; over time a change in our background experience can lead to a change in our storyline.


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  • kvanarts

    I pulled a card out from the deck after reading your post and have
    been letting it “speak” – really cool.

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